From the 19th to 23rd of June 2019, the Catholic University of Paris (ICP) welcomed more than eighty young researchers from the International Network in Philosophy of Religion (INPR) network, all gathering around the theme "Sense and Non-Sense"

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Created in 2015 under the leadership of Professor Emmanuel Falque (ICP), the International Network in Philosophy of Religion now brings together more than 100 young professors and doctoral students, mainly from the United States, but also from Europe, principally France and Italy. The purpose of this network is to "build bridges" between the two sides of the Atlantic, in accordance with a shared tradition of continental philosophy. At the rate of one major international conference every two years, one week of doctoral and postdoctoral seminars per year, and one annual seminar, the INPR is now attached to and supported by the Vice-Rectorate for Research of the Institut catholique de Paris.

The last major INPR conference was held at the Catholic University of Paris from the 19th to 23rd of June 2019, on the theme "Sense and nonsense". It brought together more than eighty young researchers from all over the world, and in particular from the United States. Professors Jean-Luc Marion, Emmanuel Falque, Richard Kearney, Kevin Hart, Stefano Bancalari, Jérôme de Gramont, Camille Riquier... participated, creating fruitful exchanges with the younger generations about the possibility of thinking about the meaning of religion today.

International conferences and research seminars

The INPR is a network of philosophy and theology in a moment of significant expansion and growth. Three international symposia were organized at the ICP (2015, 2017, 2109), two doctoral and post-doctoral seminars, one in Tivoli (2018), and the other in Touraine in Val d'Aulnay (2019), and an annual seminar was held throughout the year under the direction of INPR doctoral and post-doctoral students (2018-2019). An international Journal is being created.

Led by an international scientific committee (Emmanuel Falque, Kevin Hart, Richard Kearney, Jeffrey Bloechl, Stefano Bancalari, Tamsin Jones), the INPR strives to promote the work of young researchers and to produce a transversal approach in the encounter of cultures and continents. Acting as a major player in this undertaking, the Catholic University of Paris supports and contributes to the international influence of the network, and to the research in philosophy and theology that constitutes its core.

INPR Update

Dear friends,

A few days after the end of our INPR seminar in Paris, our friend, the philosopher and poet Jean-Louis Chrétien left us, and his funeral is approaching. Here "in the meantime" or in this "in-between", his lines continue to scroll before our eyes and his words to resonate in our ears. The tribute paid to him by my colleague who was very close to him, Camille Riquier, Vice-Rector of Research at the Catholic University of Paris, makes us relive his presence. May this reading unite us around one of the greatest figures in French philosophy.

Emmanuel Falque


Chers amis,

Quelques jours après le fin de notre séminaire INPR à Paris, notre ami, philosophe et poète Jean-Louis Chrétien nous a quitté et ses obsèques approchent. Dans cet « entre-temps » ou dans cet « entre-deux », ses lignes continuent à défiler sous nos yeux et ses paroles à résonner à nos oreilles. L’hommage que lui laisse mon collègue Camille Riquier, vice-recteur à la recherche de l’ICP et qui était très proche de lui, nous en fait revivre la présence. Que cette lecture puisse nous unir autour de celui qui fut l’une des plus grandes figures de la philosophie françaises.

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